Enterprise-ready AI-powered Virtual Beings

Seamless multi-channel Customer Experience Let Virbes do the talking!|

Virbe supports variety of integrations

Create an interactive 3D avatar. Use an existing 3D model, import your own chatbot or design with built-in features.

Avatars supported in our SDKs

Virtual Beings by Virbe

This is a bespoke set of Virbes created by our team. The number of Virbes to choose from is growing by the day. They vary in gender, age and appearance.

Ready Player Me

Create your avatar using your selfie and customizable elements available on the cross-game avatar platform for Metaverse.

Unreal MetaHuman

Use Unreal Engine Metahuman Creator to create a high-fidelity digital human, taking your Virbes into a new level of believability.

Character Creator

Arrive with deeply-detailed, stylized or realistic looking avatars from Reallusion that will enhance the visual quality of your brand virtual persona.


Stylized, fantastic and realistic looking avatars anything you can think of to represent your brand. Powered by Daz Studio.

Transform ConversationalAI into Virbe

Rasa (including RasaX, Botfront)

Rasa is an open source machine learning framework for automated text and voice-based conversations. Connect your Rasa chatbot to Virbe.


Botpress is a modern developer stack to build enterprise and open-source chatbots, which can be turned into Virbes.

Google Dialogflow

Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform that makes it easy to design and integrate a conversational user interface. Import your Dialogflow project into Virbe.

Microsoft Bot Framework

Bot Framework Composer lets you build chatbots with a visual authoring canvas, and extend with code. Connect your Microsoft Bot to Virbe.

OpenAI GPT-3

You can ultimately transform any ConversationalAI into Virbe. Check out the docs to see how to make a GPT-3 based Virbe.

Create Once - Deploy Anywhere

Launch virtual beings on Web, Mobile, Kiosks, VR, and AR with SDKs for Javascript, Unity and Unreal Engine.

Virbes are there for you 24/7

In multi-channel reality your customers want answers delivered on their terms and at a time and place that they see fit.

Let a virtual being be available to your clients even when you or your employees are not around.

Seamless Web integration

With just a few lines of code, add Virbe to your website. Make sure each customer is being served in a more personalized way.

Virtual Beings in XR and Metaverse

Elevate your immersive experience with Virbes on VR and AR devices. Our technology allows seamless integration of virtual beings into your app or game.

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